“How fortunate we’ve been to have Kevin contributing on our team. In no time, Kevin learned our business, our culture, and our style. He consistently delivers focused, well-written communications on time and with the perspective, tone, and energy that gets the message across. What an asset!” Laurel Krasne, Vice-President, Employee Communications, Washington Mutual

“I know I can rely on Kevin’s excellent writing and editing skills to get us through busy times. He has learned our complex business quickly, completes projects according to our tight timelines, and consistently produces quality work.” Carrie Hixson, Business Development Associate, Wheels, Inc.

“I depend on Kevin to get the assignment right the first time. Research is thorough; copy is spot-on. The work is always about something different, but Kevin is flexible enough to adapt every time.” Nathalie Strassheim, Managing Editor, Rand McNally  

“On more than one occasion the feature articles that Kevin has written for Johnson Controls’ employee magazine have taken on a second life as sales and marketing materials that end up in front of our customers. His writing style is clear, concise, creative, and blessedly devoid of corporate jargon. On top of all that, Kevin is obsessive about meeting deadlines and often comes through early. What is most valuable to me as an editor is that I know I can count on Kevin to come through—whatever the topic, whatever the deadline. He’s earned a permanent speed dial button on my desk phone!” Kerri Grote, Senior Internal Communications Specialist, Johnson Controls, Inc.

“Kevin takes a complex subject and makes it readable for our general employee audience. He respects people, deadlines, and budgets.” Patricia Jones, Employee Communications, TDS Telecom

“Kevin Orfield can flat-out write. I've been impressed with his ability to break down complex subjects and deliver sharp, concise copy. Besides being overtly clever, Kevin is also fast. Meeting deadlines is not a problem.” R.C. Nelson, Advertising Manager, John Deere

“Kevin is a true professional. He turns in well-written articles that meet the needs of our Web site and its members—and always on time, if not early. He’s flexible and communicative—very good traits in a freelance writer.” Carma Spence-Pothitt, Editor, Kidsgrowth.com

“Kevin is like having another staff writer on board! He is a quick study and knows how to take complicated issues and turn them into interesting and readable articles. Kevin provides great turn-around, and is very efficient and professional.” Lara Lowery, Managing Editor, Dermatology World

“Kevin communicates well with not only our readers, but with me, the one making the assignment—which makes Kevin the kind of writer any editor would appreciate.” Steven Lyons, Executive Editor, Access